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Nursery Rhymes Newsletter May 2019

Imaginative Play Event

Thank you all very much for all the tubes, plant pots, shells etc. that you brought in for our special event. We used all of these and many more loose parts items to support this event which was much enjoyed by all the children. The event focused on open ended play and resources that facilitated creative and imaginative play. The children were fascinated with the role play building site and enjoyed loading the cement mixer with stones. These were then rumbled and taken out smooth using wheel barrows, boxes, buckets etc. Treasure trails, Dinosaur food, making paths, mixing ingredients etc. were just a few of the activities that the children used the stones for.

Sun Safety

The children spend as much time as possible outdoors, every day and sun safety is important for them and all of us. We advise your child has 50+ sun cream applied to them before each session, (sun safe guidelines) and we apply our own sun cream to keep the children protected for the rest of the day. We would be grateful if you would provide a wide brimmed hat for your child to keep at Nursery for the summer.

Extended Government Funding.

Extended funding up to thirty hours is available for all three and four year old children, subject to conditions. Parents are required to obtain an eligibility code from the HMRC. This needs to be reconfirmed by parents every three months and it would be helpful if parents would remember to do this.


Most of us enjoy sugar and sweet things as it activates the brain’s pleasure response. Unfortunately like many foods we enjoy there are adverse side effects, particularly for young children. Sugar causes shorter attention spans and affects memory. Chronic consumption of sugar does long-term damage to your child’s memory. Sugary foods overpower brain foods. Try to limit your child’s sugar intake to avoid these side effects.

Babies and Bunnies

The children will be focusing on spring and how things grow around us. They will be sowing seeds such as cress, thyme, sunflower etc. to grow their own plants. We are planning natural based activities to develop the Childrens’ senses, creating  spring suncatchers, patterns and pictures with natural materials, twigs, leaves etc.


This month the Duck Room children will be investigating animals that live in the sea. We will be exploring this with activities using the water tray. This will be filled with  fish, sharks, whales, star fish etc. and we will be building our own submarines to explore items that float and sink.

Fish and Hedgehogs

The Fish and Hedgehogs will be focussing on hygiene and the germs around us and those that we create. We will explore why we must wash our hands properly after going to the toilet and handling dirty objects. The importance of showering and keeping clean will be discussed and why  brushing our teeth every day is necessary to prevent tooth decay and loosing our teeth.

Samantha Carney, Officer in charge

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Warm, stimulating family atmosphere gives your child an excellent start to their early years development

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