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Nursery Rhymes October Newsletter

The Nursery Rhymes October Newsletter

The Nursery Rhymes October Newsletter is now online. You can read it below, or download the A4 version as a PDf from the link at the foot of this page.


Periodically we move staff into different groups to support good practice and build upon activity ideas.

This also provides a variety of interactive opportunities for staff and children.

During October, Gemma will move upstairs with the younger children. We welcome Tika back from maternity leave and she will join Bethany and Caroline with the Fish and Hedgehogs.

We will be arranging parents’ evenings for you to catch up with your children’s achievements with their key worker.

Children say the funniest things

  • Staff member “What are your ears for?” response “To listen with” “And your eyes” “To see with” “What do we do with our nose?” “Pick it”
  • What do you call a cow that eats your grass? A lawn mooer.
  • A child was pushing anther child away from a spot. A staff member informed them “I don’t want to see you do that” The child then picks up the tray and moves it onto the garden area. Staff members asks, “Where are you taking that?” Response “Outside, so you can’t see me like you said”

Cultural Capital

This is a new phrase and terminology that has entered the Early Years sector.

It has been defined as ‘values, beliefs, norms. skills, tasks, knowledge, understanding and status that we acquire through being part of a social class or cultural group’

The intention is for cultural capital to be recognised and help to reduce social inequalities. Recognition of this will also be one of our Ofsted Inspection requirements.

Halloween Tea Party

Thursday 31st October is Halloween, when we will host a light-hearted theme day.

Children and staff are welcome to come to Nursery in age appropriate fancy dress; no masks please.

The day will be filled with pumpkin activities and fishing in jelly for bugs and treats. The day will be rounded off with a tea party.


We would be grateful for your children’s holidays from Nursery in writing and, wherever possible, a month in advance.

Babies and Bunnies

The Babies and Bunnies will be exploring communication skills and language development.

This will include story sacks, children bringing in favourite story books or rhymes, a teddy bears picnic, outside listening to sounds in the natural environment, play telephones and walkie-talkies.


This month, language and problem solving will be our focus. Activities will include lots of games, ‘Chatterbox’ and ‘Peek a boo Zoo’.

These will support social interactions, reasoning, turn taking and following simple instructions. Craft opportunities will be open ended for children to build and create their own masterpieces.

Brio Builder, Meccano, K’nex Creation, Build it Robot, Foam Bricks, Crates and Natural Resources will all be used to encourage conversation and exploration.

Fish & Hedgehogs

This month we will be exploring materials and being imaginative.

We will be exploring sounds, patterns and movements using dance, music and materials.

Role play will be initiated and led by the children, supported with small world activities, including Dinosaurs, logs, sawdust, seaside happy street, space and spaceships.

We will also be undertaking various sensory activities with rose petal perfume, which may remind you of your childhood.

Samantha Carney
Officer in Charge

Download Your Nursery Rhymes October Newsletter

Click here to download the Nursery Rhymes October Newsletter PDF.

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Warm, stimulating family atmosphere gives your child an excellent start to their early years development

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