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Warm, stimulating family atmosphere gives your child an excellent start to their early years development.

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Hedgehog Room 3 - 5 years

In the Hedgehog Room we provide a friendly, safe and stimulating environment for children between 3 and 5 years.

The daily routine provides continuity for all children. It includes floor play, table top activities, imaginative play, singing and rhyme sessions groups, all of which improve and encourage socialising skills and build each child’s confidence.

We follow a programme of development from the Early Years Foundation Stage and provide activities which give children a wide range of learning opportunities.

Quiet times are provided which include sleep times. Wash times and toilet training is undertaken and help is always at hand for the children who are toilet trained. Craft activities are available and the children will be involved in sand and water play, painting, cutting, sticking, chalking, drawing, colouring etc.

These activities enable them to develop their hand/eye co-ordination and manipulative skills and there are many other learning activities during these periods. Socialising skills are also widely developed through craft play.

Outdoor physical play and learning is part of our daily routine either on the lawn, pavilion or covered soft play area. Use of the slide, bicycles, hoops, balls etc. all help to develop the child’s physical and social skills.

Music and movement sessions are incorporated into the day. Parents evenings are held out of Nursery opening hours to enable you to discuss your child’s progress on a one to one basis with staff.

Please call us: 01246 450354

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Warm, stimulating family atmosphere gives your child an excellent start to their early years development.

About Nursery Rhymes Day Nursery

Nursery Rhymes Day Nursery is the ideal environment for any child aged between 3 months and 5 years to get the best start in life.

It is situated approximately three miles north of Chesterfield and is privately owned by three partners. Each has daily involvement in the Nursery and have been working in childcare for over 25 years.

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